History 101: The Idea

Shaun C. Robinson our CEO started STRONG COLLEGE STUDENTS® in his college apartment with his roommate and a fraternity brother.  They needed extra income and flexible hours around their class schedules so they decided to advertise their knowledge and strengths on a few local websites.  They called themselves STRONG COLLEGE STUDENTS® "Movers with Knowledge" to reflect what they were a few Strong College Students...  The phone calls & emails rolled in and suddenly they had more work then then could handle.  The catchy honest name was a hit and immediately drove customers to call and book their moves.

History 201: Graduation & Values

After College Graduation the company moved in a new direction, it had grown from an idea to earn extra cash between classes into a full-time business.  Shaun had the vision to see STRONG COLLEGE STUDENTS® become a national brand.  Customers loved the concept, students loved the flexible work schedules, and Shaun learned he loved being an entrepreneur!  He used his share of the profits to buy out his former business partners and forged ahead building the systems, brand, and values that lead to the success of STRONG COLLEGE STUDENTS®.  Shaun focused the company on simple values that were important to him and infused these values into his growing company.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT- We mentor & help our staff develop skills for success!

EDUCATION- Graduation is the goal, employment won't interfere with class!

SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE-We help more than clients, we improve our communities!

PROFIT- a tool for impact & improving our lives, our communities, & our future!


History 301: Making Impact

These values defined how the business would impact not only it's community but each community it expanded into.  STRONG COLLEGE STUDENTS® is about more than just business it's about Impact.

Our Customers- Impacting our customers lives by working to make their moving experience memorable, enjoyable, and stress free.

Our staff- Impacting our students lives by providing them with flexible employment while also mentoring to help them get the most out of their education.

Our Community- Impacting our environment by utilizing a Bio-Diesel moving fleet, recycled moving boxes, and rewarding employees for making more impact through volunteering and community outreach.

Our Franchisees- Most importantly STRONG COLLEGE STUDENTS® is able to impact it's franchise owners lives by giving them a valuable tool for impact.  Franchise owners can aspire to create the success they desire, whether that be financially, professionally, or personally.  IMPACT is what makes our franchise different and special! Only a STRONG COLLEGE STUDENTS® franchise gives you  the ability to create the impact you desire with our proven process of success!


History 401: Creating Bright Futures

Our future is as bright as our fleet of shiny new moving trucks. STRONG COLLEGE STUDENTS® is the future of the Moving industry.  We have prime markets available across the United States ready for you to make impact and improve the community you care about!  To learn more about our Franchise Opportunities please call 1-877-457-8766 today or simply click below to learn how you can Graduate to Financial & Professional Freedom by owning your own business, taking control of your life, and make the impact you desire in your community!

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